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Transportation of equipment
€45.00 / 4 h
Price includes 1 person.


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Transportation of equipment

Transport of activity vehicles

Kainuun luontoretket transfer canoeing equipment or bikes within reach
of Hossa National Park.


45 €/person includes one transport unit by car and trailer.

For instance: 4 kayak/4 person transport from Joukojärvi to Peranka = 1
person/chosen day

Joukojärvi - Peranka = 1 person

Joukojärvi- Hossa ml. Luontokeskus = 1 person

Terminal or departure point Julma Ölkky, Lihapyörre or Juntusranta = 2

Hossa - Peranka = 2 person

Canoeing trip to Julma-Ölkky at sunset = 2 person