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Tunturi emax fatbike
From €75.00 / 16 h
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Rent a Tunturi emax fs electric fat bike for a hike in Hossa National Park
Rent a Tunturi emax fs electric fat bike for the stunning scenery of Hossa. Depending on the driving method, the battery life is 30-70 km.
Using the eco-grant level mainly and trail/boost levels uphill, the battery is enough to rotate blue achievement by 50 km. Available frame sizes S, M and L. Batteries we charge during spring and summer time with 100% solar power.
The price of 75€/day includes guidance, helmet and ferry transport from kainuu nature excursions site to the blue achievement trail and back. In winter, the routes can be accessed directly from the cottage yard.
Use day pricing to book a multi-day rental.