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Sliding snowshoes
From €35.00 / 16 h
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Rent slip shoes for a hike in Hossa National Park
The sliding snowshoes are a great means of transport in the snowy Forest of Hossa National Park. They combine the best of skis and snowshoes. At its best, the sliding snow is in a hilly forest when moving. And there's plenty of that kind of terrain in the winter Hossa National Park.
By renting an OAC XCD GT 160 cm glide shoes, you can easily explore places in Hossa that may not be accessible otherwise.
Rent OAC XCD GT 160 cm long sliding snowshoes for the time you want. Ea bandages on sliding snows are suitable for almost all winter shoes. They are easy to adjust and attach to the leg.
Price 35€ includes a pair of sliding snowbanks and Swix mountain expedition rods.