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Joukojärven pirtti
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Rent joukojärvi pirtti next to Hossa National Park (beds for 8 people)

Joukojärvi's pirtti, originally built in the early 1890s in Timpinvaara as the main building of the Kaikkola farm, was moved to its current location on the shores of Joukojärvi in 1986. Over the past few years, Pirtti has received a newer kitchen and baking oven. The refrigerator can be used with electricity or LPG. The hella is LPG-powered. Electricity is produced with solar energy. The photovoltaic system is 100 metres away in Riihelä. In the darkest times of the year, the battery may have to be charged with aggregate.
The holiday apartments in Joukojärvi have been left with handprints of their time, such as pirt benches and the original table. When you look at the windows, you can see the wrists of Russian rule in glasses. Recycling materials are popular as much as possible in construction and interior decoration. For example, the kitchen and baking oven have been dismantled from previous users and reassembled.
There are beds for eight people on the upper floor of the Joukojärvi pirt.
The wood-heated sauna is located in the same building.
On the beach a campfire place and it is good to swim on the beach.
The rowing boat is available to residents.
The composted outdoor toilet is odourless.
The pirtti is heated with trees, and in cold seasons the pirtti is handed over heated.
No pets.
Price 740€/day 300€/ wkl and 120€ / day
Final cleaning 60€
Bed linen 10€/ person