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€78.00 / d
Price includes 2 persons.


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Rent a Aitta room in Riihelä next to Hossa National Park
(place of bed for 2 persons, pets welcome)

At the end of 2020, Koiravaara:s old building was converted into a pair fence and placed in the yard of Riihela. Building has two double rooms in at their own entrances. Both rooms have a bookable fireplace and luxurious hotel beds. The rooms overlook the other side of the lake to the national park through the large former windows of theKaavi Town Hall. You can also bring pets to the rooms.
The rooms are handed over when heated during the cold seasons. During operation, the user takes care of the heating.
The wood-heated sauna is available daily in the Riihelän building (at separately agreed times).
Food can be made at the lean-to on the beach during the summer. Coffee and water soup are available in the fence.
If you wish, you can book meals (breakfast, tour snacks, dinner) when renting.
Composted outdoor toilet
rowing boat

Price 80€ / day
Bed linen 10€/ person

Rent 1 room= 1 person even if two people go into the room